our story

In 2008, just after moving to Denver, Colorado, my husband’s parents joined us for dinner one evening. My mother-in-law, the owner of a candy store for more than thirty years, mentioned that she was having a hard time finding an old-fashioned caramel. I quickly volunteered to take up the search, but was disappointed with the results–the caramels we found sitting on store shelves were nothing to write home about, and often filled with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce.

A tinkerer in the kitchen since an early age, I decided to tackle this problem head-on, and set out to create a caramel that was buttery, soft, and just a little chewy. After more than a few test batches we came up with a caramel that we thought was delicious, and so did the customers at my mother-in-law’s store: The first delivery sold out in days. We knew we were on to something good.

But making great candy alone wasn’t enough, from day one a big part of our mission included using as many local, organic, and sustainably produced ingredients as possible. We don’t use corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors, and all of our candies are gluten-free.

These principles continue to guide us today, and we are still a small, privately owned, woman-owned business. After operating out of Denver for five years my husband and I decided to relocate the business to our hometown of Laramie, Wyoming, in 2014. Today our factory is located in historic downtown Laramie in the building which housed the Home Bakery for more than 80 years.

Our mission to make better candy with better ingredients is still going strong. We hope you’ll give our candies a try–we think you’ll love them as much as we do.

Rebecca Cassity & Russ Anderson